We work closely with the best schools in the Bay Area to offer the ultimate service to new riders. Offering complete RRD and Mystic product line our School has identified a series of skills that need to be mastered in order to learn in the fastest and safest way possible.

LAND Lesson Course
  1. Theory - The big picture. Understanding the goals, the process, and the lingo needed to communicate. Use of special tools to explain complicated principles. Learn to choose a location, evaluate wind direction, and understand the wind clock.
  2. Setting up the Equipment - How to handle the kite and lines from set-up to launch. Learn the difference between bow kites, c-kites, and 5-line kites.
  3. Pre-Flight Check - All the tips you will need to never forget to check everything before launch.
  4. Assisted Launches - Learn to launch and land with an assistant and the role of both the pilot and the assistant.
  5. Kite Control - Proper methods of using the control bar and steering the kite, including adjusting the power and de-power of the kite.
  6. Power Intake - Complete understanding of the wind window. Once kite control is established you will learn exact kite placement to either create power by flying the kite into the power zone, or reduce power by flying the kite to the edge of the window.
  7. Use of all safety systems, including quick releases.
  8. 8. Dry water starts. Performing simulated water starts on land under-powered to see the steps and build muscle memory.
You are now ready for your First Water Lesson!

  1. During the course, you will improve kite piloting with power,
  2. One handed kite piloting, body dragging hooked in to your harness
  3. Body dragging hooked in to your harness going upwind
  4. Body dragging hooked in to your harness, holding the board, getting used flying the kite and controlling the board at the same time
  5. getting up on the board and riding away
  6. Perfecting your water relaunching techniques
  7. Self rescue

Intermediate-advanced riding Once you've got the basics down, you can continue with additional lessons to take your kiting to the next level. After learning to water start, some of the next skills to learn include staying upwind, doing transitions, riding toeside, and of course jumping. You can learn each of these skills quickly by working with an instructor, not to mention avoiding frustration and reducing the chance of injury. Also, since the jetski is right there when you need a break and again when you finish, you don't have to worry about trying to stay upwind. You can just focus on improving without wasting valuable time walking back upwind with the kite. Advanced lessons will focus on areas you wish to improve and are by definition always customized to the individual. Wave riding lessons also available at $150 per hour to qualified students.

ADVANCED Freestyle
Whether it's kite loops, back rolls, front rolls, switched landings, grabs, or handle-passes, our instructors provide expert coaching! Advanced riders can also demo kites and apply 100% of the cost towards the purchase of a full price, current model-year kite. Time 3 hours.

Downwinders in the Bay
We organize down winders in the bay area, minimum of 2 hours. We ride the jet-ski in parallel with you giving you feedback and helping you improve quickly focusing on going up wind, transitions, jumps, and riding any kind of board or surf board

• all water lessons are private lessons with a wave-runner or jet boat support
• at all lessons gear is included, unless otherwise requested by customer.

Contact us for more details at 415.924.9463 or info@live2kite.com