How to Shop For and Buy Products
1. Shop Through Our Site

Browse by Department merchandises products in departments. Each department has categories and subcategories. The main departments on are Kitesurfing, Traction Kiting, Stand Up Paddle, Windsurfing / Wake, Apparel Travel, DVDs/Print and Outlet. Within each of these departments you will find additional options to drill-down into on the right-hand side - next to the display of products.

Browse by Brand Store also merchandises products in Brand Stores. This allows customers who are interested in seeing all products from a particular manufacturer, regardless of product type or category. You will find featured Brands to the left, along with a link to all brands. Select a brand to view its Brand Store. In the right-hand column you will see a list of product types available within that brand.

Search For a Specific Product
Do you know more or less what you're looking for? Use the search tool near the top-right. You will notice it by the words, 'Product Search' in a rectangular box. Enter the words of the item you are looking for and click on the magnifying glass button next to the box.

2. Add products to your shopping cart

Check-out A Product in More Detail
As you're browsing through our site and you see a product that interests you, click on the picture or name of the product see more details about that product. The resulting page provides you with a larger picture, alternate pictures and a product description. Just below the product description you will see your 'Add To Cart' options. Some products require that you designate two attributes such as size and color, while some products only have one attribute to select such as size. Other products don't have any attributes to choose. Select your desired attributes, if applicable, designate how many you would like to purchase in the 'Quantity' box and then click 'Add To Cart'.

3. Start the check-out process - it's easy!

Start Check-out
After you add a product to your shopping cart, you can immediately check-out by clicking the 'Check-Out' button at the bottom-right of the shopping cart screen. If you have navigated elsewhere on our site after adding a product to your cart, click the 'Shopping Cart' link at the very top of our website to get back to the shopping cart screen.

Have you shopped with us before?
The next screen you will see will ask you if you've shopped with us before. If you have, simply complete the small form on the right-hand side and click 'Log-in' so we can pickup your previous shipping and billing addresses to make check-out faster. If you haven't, simply click the 'No' button.

Enter Billing and Shipping Information
On the next screen enter your appropriate billing and shipping information. For new customers, enter a login and password so you can access the status of your order at a future date. Be sure to select a shipping option at the bottom-right. When you are finished entering this information, click 'Continue Check-Out' at the bottom-right.

4. Finalize your purchase, get your receipt

Enter Payment Information
On the final screen, enter your credit card information complete with number (no dashes or spaces), expiration and security code and then click 'Place Order' - CLICK THIS BUTTON ONLY ONCE.

Get Your Receipt
After you successfully enter your credit card information, you will be presented with your purchase receipt. Be sure to print this screen for your records.