I've had about 10 session on the Brunotti gel pads and they are fantastic. They feel firmer than foam pads when I ride but they absorb the shock on jumps. I'm back to looping and my knee's thank you.
Thank you,

I received my kite today and I wanted to express how appreciative I am with your outfit.  You had no reason to give a brand new customer a seemingly drastic price upgrade for not having the kite I wanted in stock.   To be honest, I wasn’t sure if it was going to really pan out, but you lived up to your word. I will need future items, and while you are on the opposite coast from me, I will only think of you first.  My funds are a little depleted with this kite purchase, but I can assure you I need a new harness, a new wetsuit, and will probably need much much more.  
You have officially made a VERY loyal customer who doesn’t hesitate to refer business when possible.
Once again, thank you very much!!!

Thank you very much, I really apreciate it. Looking forward to buy a board as soon as i get the money, thanks again. 

Hi there,
I received my harness today. I just wanted to thank you for the great efforts to get it out to me as soon as possible. I noticed you had to ship it 2nd day in order to get it here today, as promised. I do appreciate everything and in return I am letting everyone know how great you guys are. If you get any purchases from the area, it is a payback from me. Thanks again.

Gerrit, I can’t thank you enough for all the time you spent with me on the phone trying to figure out which harness to go with. If there is anything I can say to your boss about “going the extra mile”, I would be happy to.

Thank you very much. I´m so glad that one of your vendors suggested me to buy at Live2kite.

Thanks so much!! Happy holiday's!!!

Thanks, I appreciate it!  I am looking forward to getting the package.

Thanks very much for the e-mail.  The Impact Shield Vest will be great.  I will take an XL and I am needing a large for my fiance.  E-mail me or call me if you don't have any of those sizes.
Thanks again!

Thank you for the Harness. I will use live2like in the future and have already recommended it to my friends.Thanks again,

Hi - I just received the invoice. Thanks so much once again. I´ll send you a mail when I get the kite. Regards

Thank you very much i have received my order and am very happy -  Thanks a lot

Thanks you for the super service and fast shipping.

I just wanted to say thanks for helping me get set up on the West Coast.  I have never had a local kite shop before so I'm psyched.

I am very grateful and satisfied with LIVE2KITE. Thank you for everything! 

Vangeli eisai polu entaxei kai apo mena pistepse me den tha xaseis.tha parw kai alla pragmata apo sena kai oxi mono egw.

Just wanted to let you know that the wife and I came by the shop and picked up the Poison.  A good choice as my wife was instantly up wind on that board and she had a lot of fun at Sherman.  Both the harnesses worked out well also.  The Firestarter is great and who knew I would need an extra small.  It was a bit stiff for the first few days but on the 4th day it started to feel pretty good and the hook position is much better for tricks and such.
The guys at your shop both helped us and did an excellent job, hope your trip was fun!

Just a few words to tell you that the Poison129 is perfect for riding at Mooera's Island.
Thanks again for your quick response for changing the 2 vests so quickly. I hope, you've received back the 2 Mystic vests.
Great thanks for your cooperation. Have fun and take care.

Hi Evans everything arrived perfect . Gracias

WOW Evan the board is already here - red, new straps and all.  Thanks!


Wow - Very nice! I love it! Thanks so much !!!

I bought an RRD Toxic Wave from you a few weeks back and have been  riding at home in the Gorge for the last week.  Big winds, big 
swells, huge fun.  It rides switch pretty darn good but then when it  is time to ride swells and waves, it is incredible.  It will turn 
directly back up the wave face and bammm, there you are tearing off  the lip. This board is perfect!  Just a heads up.  I have been asked 
by no less than 10 people who have seen me on this board, what is it  and where did you get it?   Anyway,  hope you got more coming. Thanks,