product 2891-2011 Passion 7.0 Kiteboarding Kite Only - Used Kitesurfing Kite

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2011 Passion 7.0 Kiteboarding Kite Only - Used Kitesurfing Kite
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Soft sail material. Fair condition. Used many time. Could have small defects that were overlooked upon inspection.

RRD is one of the most famous manufacturers of extreme sports equipment. Their team puts a lot of passion and effort in the process of research and development of any piece of gear to make sure it will meet the highest quality and performance standards. The new 2011 Passion MKIII kite blends power and speed with stability and maneuverability and it is the perfect choice for any rider who loves freeride. The design is focused on performance and usability, so the kite is perfect for any rider out there, regardless of skill level. Advanced riders have the power, speed and boost they need, while beginner ones can enjoy a fun and stress free ride.



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About 2011 Passion 7.0 Kiteboarding Kite Only - Used Kitesurfing Kite by RRD
When it has created the 2011 Passion MK III kite, the RRD team has focused on freeride performance for any rider. This means that the kite is fast, has plenty of power, but it is easy to use and totally safe at the same time. Now anyone, from beginner to pro rider, can enjoy a nice freeride session. The 2011 Passion continues the legacy of the previous models, but it features tweaks and a new construction technology which make it even better.

The Delta shape and ergonomic profile make the kite very lively, easy to power up in light winds and extra stable when the wind picks up. The kite uses a new bridle system and has a moderate bar pressure, so it is very easy to use and feels very comfortable. Even beginner riders can use it without problems in most wind conditions. RRD Passion MKIII features a high aspect ratio and wider tips to improve maneuverability. The rider has a direct and accurate control and can focus more on the ride than on the kite.

The kite generates a constant and smooth pull and it feels very lively in the air. An open leading edge arc provides extra stability and offers increased upwind performance. At the same time the Passion has a nice depower range and it is very easy to relaunch. The total depower and instant relaunch features make it a great choice for beginner and intermediate riders looking to have fun or progress. RRD has constructed the Passion MK III from top quality fabrics and used reinforcements in the stress areas to make sure it is very robust. At the same time it managed to keep a light weight to make sure the kite is easy to operate and flies smoothly.

The canopy is constructed from high quality T9600 Teijin fabrics and the leech and wing tips from Dacron. Additional PVC and Dacron reinforcements assure that the kite can take all the possible damage without sustaining damage. Fast, powerful, yet easy to use and set up, the RRD Passion MK III is the perfect choice for any rider who loves freeride. The kite is available in five sizes and comes in two color schemes.