product 2892-2013 Obsession 10.5 Kiteboarding Kite Only

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2013 Obsession 10.5 Kiteboarding Kite Only
Sku# 33

This kite is being sold as used. Kite holds air and has been used several times. The kite is not crispy and has been used for a solid season and a half. This kite also includes aftermarket pigtails connected to the wingtip. 

RRD Obsession MKVI 2013 Kite 

The Obsession has always been one of the most versatile freestyle and freeride kites on the market. As the RRD team says, the Obsession is the benchmark of any freestyle or freeride kites. It is the weapon of choice for many elite riders that demand power, speed and precision.



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About 2013 Obsession 10.5 Kiteboarding Kite Only by RRD

- LE Parallel seams for maximum strength and lower stretching
- Full Dacron leech and wingtips
- PVC round label strut end protectors
- Metallic PU strut end reinforcements
- DP 175 LL Dacron -Tejin T9600 Canopy

The 2013 RRD Obsession MKV is designed with the needs of dedicated freestylers and freeriders in mind. It generates super low end, it has an amazing boosting ability and provides awesome turning speed. Although it is a powerful machine, it is also user friendly and easy to handle.

The multiple bridle attachment all the way to the middle of the leading edge creates a hybrid configuration which is able to maintain its shape even in the toughest conditions. The new MKV release features slightly more bar pressure to allow better control of the increased low end power. This is possible due to a new, more closed leading edge design.

The slightly swept more backwards wingtips provide increased stability, by generating a high pressure point on the very end of the side lines attachment. The compact shape of the Obsession assures a better aerodynamic performance as well as better control. The kite offers smooth depower and extremely quick relaunch. The kite is crafted using top quality fabrics plus strong reinforcements in critical areas.