product 718-Airtime Option Fix Kit Valve

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Airtime Option Fix Kit Valve
The FIX KIT valve is a standard U-STICK valve with an oversized base designed to replace faulty OEM valves. The 3 inch diameter base allows you to easily span almost any hole left after removing a faulty valve. A quick simple solution to fix what used to be a fatal problem. If you're looking to assemble a brand new bladder please check out the U-STICK valves.



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About Airtime Option Fix Kit Valve by Airtime

FIX KIT valves wouldn't be necessary if it wasn't for the wrong assembly technique used by overseas manufacturers to build OEM bladders. In recent years most major kite brands have had valve failure on some level. Usually these failures consist of a valve that slowly peels off the bladder. You'll be happy to know that all our bladders are manufactured in our own facility in the United States. We can count with one hand the number of valves that have given us trouble since 2000.

OPTION Valve, One Pump system specific
The OPTION valve was designed specifically for onepump applications. The FIX KIT OPTION valve works with the Slingshot onepump system and Flexifoil's system. This FIX KIT comes with only the straight connector and was not designed to fix faulty 2pump valves found on North kites. North 2pump struts that have faulty T-valves must be replaced with a new bladder and valves.

 Check here for sizing and installation instructions