product 722-Airtime U-STICK - Strut Replacement

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Airtime U-STICK - Strut Replacement

All bladders used with the U-STICK bladder system are provided without valves. You choose the bladder by length and then choose the valves to match your kite's set up. You then attach the valve(s) you want where you want by simply "peeling and sticking". Click here to find out which valves are available as U-STICK.



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About Airtime U-STICK - Strut Replacement by Airtime

The strut bladders are made of high quality American made poly. All strut bladders have a reinforced head to strengthen the bladder. All bladders are oversized in diameter so that they never fully expand inside the sewn sleeve of the kite. This eliminates any need for the bladder to stretch allowing for longer life.

All bladder blanks are pre-talced on the inside to aid in installation and simplify their use.

Check here for sizing and installation instructions