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Aquapac Waterproof Case
If it's not 100% waterproof, it's not an Aquapac!

AQUAPAC products are used by the Department of Fish and Game, fishing enthusiasts, SCUBA divers, surfers, kayakers, skiers, snowboarders, windsurfers, kite surfers, wake boarders, sailors and more.



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About Aquapac Waterproof Case by Aquapac
How many times have you wished you had your cell phone or Marine VHF with you? Hopefully not many. Aquapac will help you carry your valuables (money, battery operated car keys, etc) but also your essential safety items in case you get caught in the middle of the ocean. Trust us, we talk from experience!

If you need to carry your cell phone with you Aquapac is the only way to go.

Find out more about Aquapac: Aquapac FAQ

Cell Phone Case

Keep communications open with this handy case. It's waterproof to 30 feet and floats with your phone inside. Talk directly through the case with no loss of the signal.

?Available in two different sizes.

49-0120 - $24.99 Mini Phone Case- (6.5" x 3.15") Opening circumference (5.9")

49-0121 $24.99 - Small Phone Case- (7.65" x 3.15") Opening circumference (5.9")

Folding Wallet Case

Perfect for the swimming pool, beach or boat! Take your valuables such as cash, passport, keys and credit cards with you in this waterproof wallet. It is waterproof up to 30 feet and floats with your valuables inside.

No Belt 49-0191 - $27.99 (5.7" x 4.5") Opening circumference (10.8")

With Belt 49-0192 - $27.99 (5.7" x 4.5") Opening circumference (10.8")

Keymaster Case

Designed with the driver in mind, this case is waterproof to over 120 feet. Perfect for your keys and small enough to be tucked inside your wetsuit.

49-0190 - $14.99 Opening circumference (6.1") (4.9" x 3.1")

Portable GPS Case

Make sure you get back home! Protect your portable GPs with this case. It's waterproof to 30 feet and floats with your GPs inside. No loss of signal. Comes in 2 different sizes.

49-0140 - $24.99 Small GPS case - (7.5" x 3.5") Opening circumference (6.9")

49-0141 - $24.99 Medium GPS case - (9.6" x 3.75") Opening circumference (7.25")

VHF Radio Case

Did you drop your VHF radio overboard? No problem. You're covered with this waterproof VHF Radio case. It's waterproof to 30 feet and floats with your radio inside, No loss of signal. Talk directly through the case. Available in 2 different sizes for left antenna.

49-0120 - $24.99 Small VHF (7.8" x 3.75") body Opening circumference (7.7")

49-0121 - $24.99 Large VHF (9.8" x 4.9") body

Walkie Talkie Case

These cases are great for windsurfing and kiteboard schools as students can steer, aim and hear the instructor while on the board. And because they float, there's no risk of losing them in the water and you can talk through our case

49-011 - $34.99 Mini walkie talkie case w/ armband - (6" x 3") Opening circumference (5.9")

49-0111 - $24.99 Large left walkie talkie case - (7.5" x 6.5") Opening circumference (6.25")

Pager Case

On a break? Lunchtime? Between projects? Waiting for a client? Now you can go out on the water and not miss that important call !!! This case is a great way of securing your pager - and it's small enough to tuck inside your wetsuit.

49-0100 - $24.99(4.9" x 3.1") Opening circumference (6.25")

Camera Case

Now you can get that underwater shot every time! The case is made entirely of light, injection-molded plastic so it won't rust or corrode. Shoot pictures directly through the case! Water proof up to 30 feet and floats with your camera inside.

List of non-compatible cameras...

49-0174 - $24.99 (7.25" x 5.3") Opening circumference (10.43")

Digital Camera Case

Constricted out of "Ultra-Clear" vinyl, ideal for digital cameras, where the dense is not always central. All-around Ultra-Clear Polymer lens material allows great photos through the case. Waterproof and floats with your camera inside. Comes with shoulder strap.

List of non-compatible cameras...

49-0170 - $44.99 (7.25" x 5.3") Opening circumference (13.9")

Small Whanganui Case

This case is very versatile. It can be worn as a fanny pack or around the neck. It includes two inner dividers creating separate pockets.

49-0193 - $19.99 (10" tall ) Opening circumference (10.5")