product 3368-AXIS Bootleg 2017 Wakestyle Twintip Kiteboard

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AXIS Bootleg 2017 Wakestyle Twintip Kiteboard
The 2015 AXIS Bootleg is the ideal boots/park board behind a kite. We worked closely with Alex Lewis Hughes and pro-rider Billy Parker to design a board that allows the rider to hit any rail or kicker with confidence and deal with any landing you can stomp. The Bootleg is a smaller version of the Parker Pro and is slightly softer and more flexible, ideal for smaller Billy Parkers and lighter riders.

The Bootleg is a fun board for the dedicated boot kiter, designed for high impact landings and aggressive riding. If you spend your kite sessions fully lit, sliding, jibbing, hitting the kickers and being told to pull your pants up, the Bootleg is the match winner.
Board Size: 137cm X 42cm

Accessories included: 18mm fins



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