product 3359-AXIS Climax 5-10 Strapless Kitesurf Board, 2017

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AXIS Climax 5-10 Strapless Kitesurf Board, 2017

Pro level strapless freestyle / surf / wave riding

You'll want a nap and something to eat after this one. It's as good as it gets.

This board is aimed at the strapless rider who wants to have a great time at any spot they go to.  The widest point of board is pushed further forward to allow a stance in the meat of the rocker line. Parallel rails towards the back half the board improve upwind and lightwind performance. A pulled in tail allows the rider to 'control the gas' when generating apparent wind while on a wave.

Rider inspired development, we put in a light EPS foam core that responds and compresses, keeping the board light on your feet. On the deck there are preshaped heel dents keep the board on your feet but also distributes impact forces throughout the board rather than compressing the form and buckling the board.

The Climax layup includes a fiberglass and Innegra cloth combo keeping the board flexy and increased breakage resistance of the fiberglass. Rounding out the Climax's contrustion package is a set of AXIS 2017 epoxy surf fins, a little different than regular surf fins, but feel more awesome.

Available in 5'4 , 5'8 , 5'10



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