product 3379-AXIS Liberty 145 x 43 All Around Twintip Kiteboard, 2017

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AXIS Liberty 145 x 43 All Around Twintip Kiteboard, 2017

All around chop killer

The 2017 AXIS Liberty gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams, if your dream is to get up and ride! The Liberty is designed for beginners to intermediate riders. The Liberty’s soft, forgiving nature makes this the perfect board for entry-level kiters and people who require all-round performance. The construction is fiberglass and a Paulownia wood core, providing a great board at a competitive price.

The Liberty’s flex allows you to cruise over chop and unforgiving water with ease. The flatter rocker line requires less power from the kite thus making it easier to get up and plane quickly. This advances the progression of new kiters and allows more advanced kiters to have speed on tap! This board comes equipped with the bright colored (so you can see spot the board easier on the water) AXIS Universal Traction System footpads/straps, and the bright yellow AXIS fins which are the highest quality G10 we use across our complete product line. Get on the new Liberty and explore the freedom of kiteboarding!

Available in 135 x 41.5, 138 x 42, 141 x 42.5, 145 x 43, 150 x 44



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