product 3488-AXIS Limited 136 x 42 Freeride Freestyle Kiteboard, 2017

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AXIS Limited 136 x 42 Freeride Freestyle Kiteboard, 2017
The Limited is top shelf. You know it is. Made like a sandwich of the most expensive stuff we could find in our pursuit of perfection.

The 2016 Limited retains the outline, channels and rocker of the 2015 model, but we have radically redesigned the profile with our new FAT Rail. Thick and rounded in the centre and tapering to fine tips, the FAT Rail gives a more stable, settled and balanced ride, while dramatically increasing the strength of the board. Don’t be fooled by its milder manners on the water, this baby is ready to load and explode.
Beneath the surface of the 100% biaxial carbon fibre top and bottom is a solid Paulownia wood core. A beefed up 12mm ABS wall makes for a stronger rail that tracks and releases beautifully, while carefully placed uni-directional carbon controls flex at the tips, becoming progressively stiffer towards the centre.
The Limited is our highest performance kiteboard. It’s the AXIS of awesome.

Board Size(s): 132 X 40, 134 X 41, 140 X 43

Finest accessories included: (x4) 50mm fins, AXIS Traction PLUS Pads & Straps, AXIS Handle

$979.00 $783.20


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