product 3374-AXIS Patrol 144 x 45, 2018

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AXIS Patrol 144 x 45, 2018
The AXIS Patrol 2018 is fair weather charging machine.

The Patrol and Ultra are maintaining the character of 2017, with flatter rocker, specifically designed for light wind conditions, and sized 144×45 and 148×47. The Patrol borrows it’s construction from the Vanguard model, while the Ultra is a full carbon lightwind machine, designed to dominate any light breeze destination, or twin competition. It’s incredibly fast, stable and fun to ride.

Don’t buy a bigger kite before you have tried this lightwind specific board. Incredibly maneuverable, the Patrol has an increased surface area giving the rider quicker planing, more power from the kite and makes freestyle riding possible even in light winds. These characteristics also make the board popular on the twin tip race circuit.

Enjoy the flat, butter smooth uncrowded water all to yourself. Make the most of every day kiting with the 2018 AXIS Patrol.



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