product 3011-AXIS Tandem Kiteboard, 2018

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AXIS Tandem Kiteboard, 2018
2018 AXIS Tandem Kiteboard: The ultimate honeymooner

The AXIS Tandem board continues in 2018 in 148×46.5cm. It has a new rocker (AXIS Arc rocker line) and borrows its construction from the Vanguard boards, but with reinforced middle section.

The extra set of footpad inserts allows the second set of footstraps to be added for tandem riding. We tuned up the stiffness in the middle of the board with more carbon, improving the board’s flex pattern, so the board rides better, with less deformity in the middle of the board. Keep in mind these tandem boards take a serious beating as they have the weight/force of two people riding on them together. We love offering a unique product that gets more people on the water, without having to know how to kite.

Many shops are using the AXIS Tandem boards as a teaching aid and also just taking people for rides to give a taste of what kiting is like, without having to take a lesson. The response from schools has been incredibly positive.

AXIS Tandem kiteboard for schools and joy rides – 4 straps



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