product 3365-AXIS Tranq 2017 All Around Wake Style Twintip Kiteboard

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AXIS Tranq 2017 All Around Wake Style Twintip Kiteboard

The AXIS Tranq 2017 is the the 4th evolution designed for Alex Lewis-Hughes to do what he likes best, everything! The Tranq is an all-rounder board dealing with anything you can throw at it, flat water, wave kickers, sliders, kickers, and park riding. Alex needed a board that had enough rocker to be good off kickers but flat enough to get good pop and speed in shitty wind.  No problem! We altered the flex pattern of the Tranq to accommodate heavier landings while keeping moderate rocker for getting up wind and quick plane riding of the daily grind.  This combination allows Alex to continue riding with his smooth effortless equestrian style.   The Tranq has reduced torsional flex giving a direct and responsive board The construction features dual inserts for custom boot placement, P-Tex grindable base like a snowboard making for steezy slides and easy repairs, not forgetting our strong and reliable Paulownia wood core.  The tranq is at home behind a kite, or cable, on a slider or kicker, just add boots!

Size: 145 x 43cm



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