product 3553-AXIS Vanguard 142 x 44, 2018

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AXIS Vanguard 142 x 44, 2018
The AXIS Vanguard is our solid freestyle performer. The muscle car in our lineup. If you liked the 2017 Vanguard, you will fall in love with the 2018.

The Vanguard is a freestyle machine. This board wants to be pushed to the absolute limits. With its explosive pop, incredible tracking and smooth landings the Vanguard will deliver the utmost performance in all conditions and excels as you do.
The 2018 Vanguard follows the new direction and design of the 2018 AXIS Limited. while maintaining the ARC rocker line.
The AXIS ARC rocker is a continuous arc which creates unparalleled smoothness on chop, and locks the rail on those high speed carvings.
For the 2018 AXIS Vanguard board, the rails are thinner than the FAT rail from 2017.
The thickness flow of the 2018 Vanguard is the same as the previous year, but with much more even thickness rail to rail. This gives a more predictable flex without point loading the laminate, which results in a stronger board.  In addition, by scaling back the rail thickness, we created an incredible balance of smooth ride and crisp tracking. You will not believe how fun the 2018 AXIS Vanguard is.


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About AXIS Vanguard 142 x 44, 2018 by AXIS
As an additional bonus the 2018 AXIS Vanguard is lighter, at aprx. 2.65kg
For 2018 we changed the sizing of the Vanguard to even sizing. This way you get a chance to really dial in the right size to your weight, style and conditions.

Compatible with pads/straps or boots the AXIS 2018 Vanguard will meet your freestyle demands and then some.

Freeride/freestyle with ETR (Even Thickness Rail) for smoothness and control, boots or straps

AXIS 2018 Vanguard kiteboard freeride freestyle Kiteboarding Intermediate and advanced riders looking for the smoothest ride, huge load and pop board
Available in :

132 x 41cm
134 x 41.5cm
136 x 42cm
138 x 42.5cm
140 x 43cm
142 x 44cm
148 x 46cm

Comes with:

    50mm fins