product 2326-AXIS Vanguard Kiteboard Yellow, 2014

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AXIS Vanguard Kiteboard Yellow, 2014

The Vanguard is a freestyle machine. This board wants to be pushed to the absolute limits. With its explosive pop, incredible tracking and smooth landings  the Vanguard will deliver the utmost performance in all conditions and excels as you do.  

The 2014 Axis Vanguard is at the forefront of our design and development created to meet our Global team’s progressive freestyle needs. The board is faster, lighter, more flexible, and is available in a vast array of dimensions. We want you to have the right size so you can blow up son.

The speed of this year’s board comes from its newly designed rocker line. The rocker is more curved through the center and straighter towards the tips. This allows the board to glide over the water with more speed without pushing through it.

Compatible with pads/straps or boots the Vanguard will meet your freestyle demands and then some.   The 2014 AXIS Vanguard is also much lighter in weight and more flexible rounding the edges of this high performance ride. The Quad concave tracks the board for better load and explosive pop, the concave gets water moving the right way on landings too, stomp those passes, claim it with a fist pump, neck a beer, be the man…or just quietly stomp the trick, and do another.

AXIS Kiteboard is sold complete and includes:

2014 AXIS Traction Pro Pads and Straps

2014 AXIS 4x50mm G10 Kiteboard Fins

2014 AXIS Kiteboard Handle


$729.95 $364.98


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About AXIS Vanguard Kiteboard Yellow, 2014 by AXIS
  • The 2014 AXIS Vanguard has a durable outer Coaxial PBT foil top and bottom sheet, which is digitally sublimated. This gives a finish that is super tough with graphics that won’t fade with time.
  • The rails are made from AXIS ABS. Our ABS material is very tough and is a special formula that bonds very well to epoxy, meaning a very strong construction.
  • The core of each AXIS Vanguard board is strip planked Paulownia wood. Paulownia has the highest strength to weight ratio of any timber, making our cores light and strong. Paulownia is a very fast growing timber and one of the most sustainable timbers on the planet, we like to do our part, do your part, ride a Vanguard.
  • The laminate is Biaxial fiberglass with Uni-Carbon reinforcing. The combination of the glass and carbon provides a very durable board with performance tuned flex and more explosive pop than a night on the vindaloo.
  • The AXIS Vanguard features Uni-Carbon on both the top and bottom of the board. This provides the maximum effect from the carbon, enhancing the board's load performance, no load, no pop. This composite layup gives the vanguard a dedicated heel side edge indicated by the insert pattern.
The 2014 AXIS Vanguard is available in the following sizes:
129x39, 132x40.5, 135x41.5, 137x42, 139x42.5, 143x43.5, 138x45.5cm. There is a size for everyone!