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About Liquid Force
Back in 1999 when Liquid Force entered the kiteboarding industry, it wasn’t even an industry. It a was bunch of washed up old windsurfers trying to rehab their dying sport with kites. That year LF had one kiteboard, the pickelfork, which became the world’s first molded production kiteboard, and one funky two-line kite, called the “Flight Kite” that pulled like a truck and only came in three sizes. Wow….things have sure changed….

10 years later, things look a bit different! We’ve seen the emergence of truly surfing with kites and the return of boot style bindings and wake style riding! It’s pretty funny how this sport of kiteboarding has evolved and liquid foce has always been right there at the forfront, innovating and taking designs that one step further! Now for 2009, LF has assembled a group of the most legit crew of kite and board designers in the world: with rider / designer Julien Fillion and his innovative kite designs, North Shore legend Pat Rawson shaping the most progressive surfboards for kiteboarding and LF Founder / Designer Jimmy Redmon, designing the most futuristic twin tip shapes that the world has ever seen. For 2009 LF offers 41 unreal kiteboards, 4 unique lines of kites and enough accessories to keep any “techhead’s” mind spinning! So make sure to take a test ride and kick the tires of the most revolutionary kiteboarding products that the world has to seen! See you at the beach!