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About Underground
UNDERGROUND began building leading edge kiteboards in Christchurch, New Zealand in the late 1990's and was perfectly placed to develop specialized boards for a handful of kiteboarding pioneers.

Already well established in the windsurf industry, Underground proved to be market leaders by moving into the kiteboarding game right at kick-off. Due to the team's ability to adapt quickly to the different dynamics of kiteboarding, development of new construction techniques - and consistent progressive and innovative design - Underground has prospered. Our designs and construction methods are developed in conjunction with our manufacturing process. The prototypes we build and test in our R&D headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand are manufactured in the same way as the final product supplied to customers.

Today Underground boards remain the benchmark and as other manufacturers play catch-up, the crew is hard at work refining the next generation of kiteboards.

Who do you think we are ?
Since the dawn of kiteboarding in the summer of '86, Underground has dreamed of the ultimate board for the purest ride – and we‘ll keep on doing so. We‘ve never wavered
from our New Zealand born, pioneering spirit and always strive for ethical practices and sustainable, high-quality materials that deliver value for money. The same as it ever was.

What else would you like to know ?
All the standard industry promises like relentless testing around the globe, valued input from incredibly experienced designers, quality improvement and dedication to innovation are a given. These fundamentals are implemented in the performance of every single Underground board.

What would you like to experience ?
Creativity, non-conformity, spirit, intuition, inspiration, speed, style, magic? These essentials are ingrained in our souls and we express them on the water and in the air. Our boards do too – and words don’t come even close.

What you’re waiting for ?
When you ride Underground you are literally riding the future – you are committing to the latest shape for the smoothest performance – comfort and simplicity included.

What are we about ?
At Underground, our obsession is maximising the freedom of boardriding. All you need is your secret spot and the right conditions plus an Underground board to experience the smoothest flow of free-riding. Nothing will accelerate your riding ability faster.

How do we support you ?
Precise flex is the core performance feature of a kiteboard and when correct, can actually improve the progression of your riding style. The Underground FLX range transformed many riders, and has become a well-known benchmark. We‘ve continued experimenting with flex and have implemented Dynamic Flex & Torsion Control throughout our entire range in 2010.

How does it work ?
The principles of Underground’s Dynamic Flex & Torsion Control: › Organic board shapes twist naturally with outlines and proportions in harmony › Precise concaves improve acceleration and
maintain speed comfortably › Shaped rails and tucked-under edges
increase grip and performance › Carbon spines settled in Paulownia wood
combine their strengths for controlled torsion › Balanced thickness distribution is the key to
smooth, rider-controlled dynamic flex › Secret layers of special UGD ingredients and
materials work together in unity

More to say ?
All the industry buzzwords like lightweight durability, specially selected materials, impact resistance and sustainability, etc. can be taken for granted with every Underground board. We provide the full package.

Ready for Action ?
There’s only one thing left – step on, ride the boards – taste and see. Bust free from conformity and become part of the worldwide community of UGD revolutionaries!