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About Best Kiteboarding
After a full year spent traveling and promoting his company around the world, Shannon Best recently returned to his roots and hometown of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, where he had the chance to spend time with his family, further promote Best on his home turf, and reflect on what has been a long and illustrious career as a professional wakeboarder and kiteboarder.

Over seventeen years ago, Shannon left his home as a teenager with aspirations to become a professional wakeboarder. In that time, Shannon has been through the ups and downs of the board industry, winning wakeboard events both behind the boat and the cable, competing in various kiteboarding events, and was involved in the early stages of the sports of wakeboarding and kiteboarding. Shannon is now a partner in one of the largest kiteboarding companies in the world, selling products to all corners of the globe, employing over 20 staff, and helping promote one of the fastest growing sports in the world. But how did he get here?