About Naish
It is our passion for board riding that drives every aspect of our company, from product development
and testing to production and manufacturing, to marketing and distribution.
Our commitment, innovation, and quality all stem from this passion for riding. At Naish we don9 buy
champions, we make them. Many of the world's top boardriders developed their careers on Naish. As a
company of dedicated sportspeople, we strive to make the best windsurfing, kiteboarding, and surfing
products available. We ride our equipment nearly every day, taking advantage of whatever conditions
are available. Our team, young and old, male and female, amateur and professional, ride and compete
on our production equipment day in and day out, giving us valuable feedback from the widest possible
range of conditions and styles. Their nine, passim and experience translate into arguably the best
range of production equipment on the market today.
We love what we do and are proud of the products we make. Over the years, the Naish name has
become synonymous with quality. Today that quality transcends an entire range of boardriding
products; for beginners or professionals, for flat water or monster waves, 'for strong winds, light winds, or no mid at all.
We design, develop, and build every product from beginning to end. We don't copy, farm out, or take
shortcuts. When your name is on every product, you take every step possible to make the best it can be. We've come a long way, and it's been a great ride. We invite you to become a part of it, and we're confident that Naish has exactly what you need to take your riding to the next level. So make some time. Grab a board and get on the water. We'll see you there... as stoked as we are!


Robby Naish