GIN Kites

About GIN Kites
By acquiring a Gin kite, you own a Swiss design and high quality kite.
GIN kites are the result of :
- A Swiss design of great renown.
- An excellent quality of manufacturing.
- A constant research on the top of snowkite, kitesurf and power kite activities.
- A passionate experience with kites since more than 10 years.
Each GIN kite is characterized by :
- The Gin Kiteboarding Design : a kite with character, performance, intuitive, reactive and light on the bar.
- An efficient, simple and easy accessible main safety.
- The striving for perfection and the use of state of the art technology.
- An excellent relation between quality and price.

After their first steps with GIN paragliders structures, all the GIN kites activities are in place since January 2007 by the Swiss GIN Kiteboarding company.
GIN Kiteboarding is above all a riders' company. For us kiteboarding stays a priority and a style of life. The members of GINs Development Team work and ride hard throughout the year to ensure you can enjoy the best experiences possible with our products.
Our philosophy is to create products of highest quality and performance so that they are able to provide
us with maximum satisfaction, which then we are pleased to share with YOU and all the GIN riders worldwide. Our development is straight forward. We are focusing on what is essential to the performance of our kites rather than investing in marketing features, which in reality are not enhancing a product.

- Fabienne Kaufmann - GIN Kitebaording President and Manager :
Snowkite race world champion.
- Robert Graham - GIN Kiteboarding President and Designer :
Kite designer since 1990, pioneer in paraglide design.
- Marc Ramseier - GIN Kiteboarding International Team Rider :
One of the best current wave riders in the world, active in the international scene since 1999.
- Further there are a big number of riders, all passionate about kiting, that bring in their experience and energy to support the development of GIN Kiteboarding products.