About Airush
At Airush the design process is an intriguing one. As our key designers are taking care of product design, we have created a network of people who contribute significantly to the final outcome. We receive ongoing feedback, ideas, and design input from riders who are simply as passionate about good products as we are. They range from distributors, retailers, schools and to customers on our forum and on the beach.

Ultimately, every person, at every level of the company is involved in the steps taken in building great products.

This collective highlights some of the key people involved in that process, while paying homage to the larger group that contribute to creating this incredible riding experience. It is a process we hope to improve and nurture as we continue to grow and develop the future of the sport.

A great brand is simply the sum of all the people involved, and we would therefore like to thank everyone that has taken the step of riding and working with Airush.

Clinton Filen / Brand Manager / Airush Kiteboarding