product 3356-Cabrinha Fireball Spreader Bar & Pad

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Cabrinha Fireball Spreader Bar & Pad

New for 2018, the F!reball spreader bar is now available in two sizes, 23cm (coming Feb 2018) and 27cm.

The Cabrinha Fireball Spreader Bar System is non binding which allows free, unrestricted movement no matter where the kite is located in the window.  At the core of Fireball's design is a rotating ball and socket connection, which seamlessly translates your body movements into an immediate kite reaction with a smooth, frictionless motion.

Fireball's ball and socket interface is a semicirculoar fitting that brings the pivot point of the connection extrememly close to your body.  Fireball's intelligent low profile design keeps the spreader bar from rotating into your body when the pull of the kite comes from overhead.

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