product 2301-HQ-Kites Apex IV 5.5 2014 Depowering kite

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HQ-Kites Apex IV 5.5 2014 Depowering kite

The HQ-Kites Apex IV 2014 5.5 Depowering kite is a great size kite for most new traction kiters. This is the most usable kite size in the range. This kite size is also our top recommendation. An Average rider is about 170 lbs. If you are more than 170 lbs, we would recommend the 8.0 size. The Apex 4 is an exceptional entry level kite. It is a lower aspect ratio kite and that means that it's very stable, predictable, and forgiving. These features are a must when you are first getting into the sport and are hoping to progress quickly. If you are an avid kiter but are looking for stability for long backcountry trips, then this would be the kite for you. Stability and comfort was HQ's goal for the Apex and they have exceeded their goal once again with the Apex IV. 

This kite also is available in a 3.5, 8.0, and 11.0 meter. 



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About HQ-Kites Apex IV 5.5 2014 Depowering kite by HQ-Kites
The HQ-Kites Apex4 (ApexIV) 2014 kites is designed and fine tuned for your easy entry into snow and land kiting. The new Apex IV provides perfectly balanced flying characteristics and is ideal for riders exploring the back-country.

An innovative winglet design reduces bridling, increases turning speed and provides more power than before. It has never been so easy to climb mountains.


  • More progressive power. But retains its legendary stability and user-friendliness
  • Reduced bridling
  • Upgraded bar
  • Improved, highest quality dyneema flying lines