product 1572-HQ-Kites Hydra II 300 (3m) Trainer Kite

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HQ-Kites Hydra II 300 (3m) Trainer Kite

Hydra II 300 - Train on the water

Over 70 % of the earth`s surface is covered by water - now you can train on it. HQ-Powerkites proudly introduces the Hydra, the world`s first and only water relaunchable trainerfoil. Extremely stable and easy to fly, this closed cell ram-air foil has no bladders to inflate or replace, yet it floats on water. A third line provides the safety system and the ability to reverse launch, making it perfect for use with absolute beginners. The Hydra flies great in low winds and generates plenty of pull for bodydrags when the wind is strong.

If you want to learn how to kiteboard a trainer kite is your first step. This is the main tool used by kiteboarding instructors to allow the student to learn and practice kite control. All rush IV kites include a safety system which allow the user to simply let go of the bar when needed and the kite depowers 100% and safely flys to the ground without damaging the kite.



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About HQ-Kites Hydra II 300 (3m) Trainer Kite by HQ-Kites

Why train on land when you can get the full effect and train in water.  


  • ready to fly out of the bag - lines are already attached
  • closed cell system provides water relaunchability
  • easy to relaunch in any position with third line system
  • safety system included
  • internal drainage system with dirt-outs
  • stitched Dyneema bridle for strength
  • Wind range: 5-28 mph

Package Includes: 

  • cool triangle backpack
  • control bar: 50 cm
  • Dyneema line set: 2 x 25m
  • safety system
  • trainer kite guide