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HQ-Kites Montana8 Complete 2015

HQ Montana 8 Complete with bar and lines

The HQ Montana VIII is for you if you're an intermediate to advanced snowkiter or landkiter. Powerful in both low and high winds, fast turning and great for jumping, this kite will not disappoint you.

Performance requires precision in design. The 8th generation Montana is a totally new kite. Two years of intensive work from our R&D team has resulted in a completely changed shape. A lower AR and C-Kite like shape give added stability to the kite without compromising the performance and light wind ability of the older Montanas.

The clean design was chosen to reduce tolerances in production to a minimum. The result – an aerodynamic masterpiece.

This becomes noticeable in the direct handling and ease of use. The Montana combines a great freestyle and freeride ability. The increased efficiency of the power per square meter is particularly noticeable in the lower wind range.

Once in the air, the kite gives feedback and provides power.

A redesigned bar and the new magnetic quick release system complete the whole package.


Kite Sizes:

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About HQ-Kites Montana8 Complete 2015 by HQ-Kites


  • Direct Handling
  • Progressive Power
  • Increased Low End
  • Easy to Fly
  • Very Good Freeride / Freestyle Ability
  • New Bar and Chickenloop

Package Includes:

  • High Quality Backpack
  • De-Power Control Bar
  • Colored Y-line Set
  • Multilingual De-Power Guide