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Loaded Longboards Dervish Longboard COMPLETE

In 2007, the Dervish was our first venture into dropthrough construction and an opportunity to create a flexy, bamboo composite carver with the versatility to handle a variety of riding styles. Five years later, we’ve revisited this flagship board with new performance aspirations in mind.
With a slightly wider platform than its predecessor, the Dervish Sama balances comfort, edge control, and responsiveness. Combined with a more pronounced concave profile, the extra width enhances turn initiation and slide control. We added subtle nose and tail kicks to increase pop and lock your feet in for freestyle tricks. The neck and dropthrough cutout were also updated for increased durability under hard riding. A six-piece griptape pattern provides enhanced control at the kicks and facilitates comfortable footwork maneuvers on the standing platform without interfering with the board’s flex pattern.

This is Evan's (our owner) favorite board!


The Board is built and will come with Paris 180mm Trucks and the Durian Purple Wheels 75mm 83a.

$328.00 $215.00


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About Loaded Longboards Dervish Longboard COMPLETE by Loaded Longboards


Deck Materials:
Epoxy and Tri-axle fiberglass sandwich a vert-lam Bamboo core, pressed into concave and convex cambers for liveliness, responsiveness and high energy potential.
DropThru cutouts are CNC milled for precision.

With a lower center of gravity and a torsionally stiff design, the Dervishes are built to hold an edge and maximize energy return.

A drop-thru carver designed to work with most reverse kingpin geometry trucks and 70mm+ wheels. Has a small nose and tail for manual and shovit tricks.

Drop-thru designed to accommodate the Randall R-II, Paris, Holey, Bear, Gullwing Charger and Tracker Fastrack Trucks. They all work well on this board, but we recommend using at least a 180mm wide truck.  

Flex 1: 170-250+lbs / 75-114+kg
Flex 2: 100-185+lbs / 45-84+kg
Flex 3: 75-150+lbs / 35-68+kg

Keep in mind that a softer flex pattern will give you more control and tighter turns at slower speeds and make it easier to slide, but tends to lose stability slightly at higher speeds. Stiffer flex means more energy potential, more stability at higher speeds, and makes air moves easier, but will not be as forgiving and lively when cruising.

The board is designed for a centered, snowboard style stance. As you get comfortable at higher speeds learn to slide. It’s the safest way to slow down at high speeds and will increase your skills. Otherwise, feel free to ride the board however you please.

Length: 41.5" / 105 cm
Width: 8.5" / 22 cm
Wheelbase: 33" / 84 cm
Weight: 2.75 lbs / 1.25 Kg (deck only) 7 lbs / 3.2 Kg (complete)
Static Flex: Multiple Flex - Available
Deck Specifics: Camber • Concave • Drop Through • Nose Kick • Tail Kick
Deck Shape: Unique
Appropriate Discipline: Downhill • Cruising • Sliding • Carving • Slalom • Crosstrainer • Commuter • Transition • Boardwalking

How to setup your new Loaded Dervish board: recommends 180mm or 10” trucks (Paris, Bear, Gullwing Charger, Navigator, etc.) for the Dervish Sama.
When setting up trucks we recommend using a 1/16" shock pad between the base plate and the deck as well as washers between the nut and the deck.

This board is designed to accommodate 75mm wheels without wheelbite. A wider race style wheel is ideal for maintaining roll speed and traction through hard carves, while a 70-75mm freeride wheel will provide a well rounded balance of grip and drift for a more slide-friendly riding style.
Riders leaning towards freestyle and aggressive freeriding may prefer a lighter and/or smaller wheel in the 70mm+ range.

Where does the name come from:

Sama is the Sufi ceremony focusing on active meditation as a tool for the individual’s spiritual journey. The origin of this practice is credited to Rumi, a poet and founder of the Mevlevi order of whirling dervishes. Through Sama, the individual aims to ascend from the confines of thought to attain heightened maturity, perfection, and closeness to God.

For this board’s graphic we continue to explore the whirling dervish theme, although this time in a more abstract form. The artwork was created by Diana Gracida of Nana Studios.
How to decide when you are on the boarder of flexes:

Choosing the proper flex for your riding style will add an extra comfort to your ride. While we have a recommended flex chart not all people and riding styles call for the same flex. While we will discuss this in terms of the Dervish flex but you can apply the following guidelines to entire Loaded lineup.

Riders that fall into the weight category of (but not limited to) 150-170lbs are on the boarder of a flex 1 or 2 Dervish. A big concern for most riders is getting the proper flex so they do not run into the issue of bottoming out their Dervish during hard carves. Deciding what Dervish flex to get depends on your riding style. Below is a general classification of how a softer and stiffer flex can attribute to a riding style.

Softer Flex (Dervish flex 2 and softer Loaded flexes):

A softer flex will suit a more mellow style of riding and carving. It will feel playful and comfortable. While it will not bottom out while riding or carving, you still can bottom the board out with a forceful downward surge. If you use the board mainly for commuting, a softer flex will be an added comfort. You can still slide aggressively on a softer flex but a stiffer one is more suitable. You can use a softer flex to really carve into some dance moves and you still will be able to perform big spins and old skool kickflips (you run a greater risk of bottoming out). You can take a soft flex up to speed but a stiffer flex will be more stable and the same thing when riding a park.

SUMMARY: For the rider that wants a comfortable flowy ride a softer flex is for you.

Stiffer Flex (Dervish flex 1 and stiffer Loaded Flexes)

A stiffer flex will suite a more aggressive carving, sliding, and pumping style when you are constantly slamming your weight down onto the board. It will be easier to perform shovits and flip tricks along with boneless airs and aggressive sliding. The added stiffness will add stability at speed and in the bowl when you are generating speed off a wall.

SUMMARY: For the more aggressive trick rider that wants a more responsive ride.

NOTE: Loaded Boards break in over time and become slightly more flexy in due time. At first a flex 1 Dervish for a 150lb-170lb rider will feel stiff but will soften a bit after a few weeks of riding. The newer Dervishes with the keyhole cut outs are stiffer than the previous production runs making the boards feel a half flex stiffer then without the cutout.