product 505-Maui Magic Hana Waist Harness 2010/11 Black

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Maui Magic Hana Waist Harness 2010/11 Black

The first harness designed from the grounds up specifically for girls or guys. There is no better waist harness out there. We have sold many of them and every time we get the same response: "I love my new harness!"

Keep in mind that this is the Mystic harness for girls so it had to be the top harness out there. Kristen Boese and Bruna Kajiya (top 2 girl riders in the world) are providing their inputs and winning every competition out there on Maui Magic gear.

Only Available in Black/Large

$175.95 $89.95

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About Maui Magic Hana Waist Harness 2010/11 Black by Maui Magic

Some of the features:

Low sidewalls:
Women don’t have much space between the pelvis and the ribcage. To ensure comfort and good freedom of movement, we therefore reduced
the height of the side of our harnesses.

Battle belt:
This waist belt is secured on the frame on the inside of the harness. The stretch in the belt makes your harness feel comfortable
from the moment you put it on. The Velcro on the battle belt is positioned in such a way that it won’t damage your suit, lycra or skin.
This redesigned knife is a new standard in safety. It can cut through ropes up to 6mm quite easily. It’s completely made of stainless steel and
due to its shape it has a firm grip and can it be used with gloves on.

Moulded foam:
By using the process of thermo moulding we are able to add the characteristics we needed for comfort and looks.

Neoprene edge:

A thick neoprene and dual foam border on every edge that encounters your body.

Spreader down System:

Keeps the spreaderbar in place and prevents riding up of the harness. 


Sizing Chart:
- X-Small: 26" - 28"
- Small: 28" - 30"
- Medium: 30" - 32"
- Large: 32" - 34"

Only available in Black/Large