product 384-Mystic Blazer Waist Seat Harness

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Mystic Blazer Waist Seat Harness

The Mystic Kiteboarding Blazer snowkiting harness is the first snowkiting (and landboarding) specific harness in the market. After a significant analysis of the requirements for snowkiters today Mystic Kiteboarding brings 2 versions of the Blazer snowkiting harness: Waist and Waist Seat.

Price includes Harness, Spreader bar/pad, and safety leash.

$149.95 $74.98

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About Mystic Blazer Waist Seat Harness by Mystic


What's different on this harness vs others:

- Mesh material on the back breaths a lot better when used under jackets. Also, there is far less absorption of snow so it won't freeze under the jacket (typical issue with regular kitesurfing harnesses)

- Longer spreader bar hook makes it more accessible for hooking in/out when the harness is used under the jacket. 

- When harness used under your jacket leash access is inconvenient - The Mystic Blazer harness comes complete with a leash connected on the spreader bar with quick release.

- While the back of the harness has a special plate design for maximum support and comfort, the back of the harness is narrower to facilitate movement, when walking and hiking up the hills. 

Some of the key features include:

- Extra long harness hook
- Handle Pass system
- Ventilating Mesh
- Shape specific to snowkiting needs
- Leg strap construction (ONLY for the waist seat)

Finally snowkiting and landboarding has a dedicated harness specifically designed with snow and land in mind.