product 3543-Mystic Code 01 Waist Harness Titanium 2014

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Mystic Code 01 Waist Harness Titanium 2014

Mystic introduces the most revolutionary harness ever made. Using BOA Technology you can adjust your back support by spinning the wheel.

As easy as that, you can make it as stiff as necessary and avoid back problems, as well as make it super comfortable and fitted to your body.

HP Leash system, and killer new looks.


Harness does not come with hook knife 

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About Mystic Code 01 Waist Harness Titanium 2014 by Mystic

Being a brand that does not know the meaning of the word “follow”, Mystic have once again taken another huge step forward in the harness market. Introducing the new Mystic Code 1, a revolution in back support whilst you are out on the water. Mystic have teamed up with BOA ( to create a harness that you can change the feel of whilst out on the water. For more support and to really dial in the harness for the ultimate mega loop then simply twist the BOA and ramp up the tension in the back support. Or for a nice chilled coast into the beach simply pop the button and the tension drops for a comfy flexi ride in. BOA has changed so many product in so many industries, whether its boots in wakeboarding, gloves for skiing or helmets for biking, BOA always work with the best in the business and they have chosen their kite brand to work with, they have chosen Mystic, and they have produced together .. the 2014 Mystic Code 01 waist harness.

BOA Technology:

  • The Boa System allows you to fine tune your fit and rely on it staying tight throughout your time in your harness. The Boa lace does not stretch.
  • Constructed from many interwoven, braided stainless steel laces, it has zero stretch. Simply stated, once you fine tune your fit, you can rely on the laces maintaining that specific closure. The Boa reel cannot and will not loosen or come untied. Internal ratchet arms engage with specially shaped gear teeth designed to keep the lace in place. No amount of force applied during your activity will overcome this mechanism, allowing you to set the lace tension and know the closure will stay exactly like you dialed it in.
  • The Boa reel is designed with a patented, field-proven mechanism to ensure that the reel stays closed during use. Only when you finishes your kiting and actively pull out the dial, will the system release. This provides the user with excellent reliability and security.


Technical Features:

  • BOA Technology Back Support: A new dimension in support control. Control your back support with the revolutionary "Boa Support Control" Click and rotate the BOA knob to tighten or loosen the tension for optimum support that exactly fits your needs.
  • Human Kinetic Technology System: Analysis of kite forces, joint movements, load distribution, harness constructions and materials has combined findings into fully redeveloped radical harness designs.
  • A thicker but more flexible plastic plate forms the base of the force frame. All together, freedom of movement, comfort and load distribution are set to a higher level.
  • Hold Down System"Waist": Locks the spreaderbar down, giving you more control while performing your manoeuvres. In high kite positions the system activates a side-to-side force chain preventing the harness from riding up.
  • 3D Anatomical Back Support: With the newly invented 3D Back Support, Mystic is technically speaking steps ahead of the competition. The anatomical preformed nylon back support is positioned inside the back panel of the waist harness and gives the waist harness a contoured shape in horizontal and vertical directions. The back support is connected through the continuous 40mm webbing of the spreader bar. The spread of forces is divided by the 360° effect which gives maximum comfort, support and fit without losing any feel. The continued strap is attached to the back support from one side to the other side of the harness (360° effect). When hooked in and riding, the tension on the spreader bar will be spread over the back support which gives maximum comfort.
  • Kinetic Back Support KM3: Combing the advantages of thermo molding and neoprene, the mold is fitted with bending lines to let the harness adapt to the continuous altering of the human body.
  • Seamless Neoprene Edge: A Soft and padded neoprene edge to prevent rash on top of the pelvic bones. While grabbing your board and boning out your tricks, the ribs encounter the harnesses edge. Therefore this edge should be designed with the human kinetic technology principle and with the form of the rib case in mind. By doing so we introduce the flex edge. The sides of the harness are more flexible on points where the load distribution allows it, as a result the flex edge gives you more freedom of movement and painful ribs are history.
  • Flex Edge: While grabbing your board and tweaking out your tricks the rib's can encounter the harnesses edge. The sides of the harness is now more flexible on points where the load distribution allows it.
  • Integrated Handle Pass System Fix: As standard on the Code 1 kite harnesses is a Handle Pass System with a PU tube connected to both Delta double power leash rings.
  • Delta Double Power Leash ring: Gives you the ability to split the force on the leash rings in half while the ring itself secured to the strongest part of the harness.
  • Battle Belt Waist Closure
  • Neoprene Belt: This waist belt is secured on the frame on the inside of the harness. The stretch in the belt makes your harness feel comfortable from the moment you put it on. The Velcro on the battle belt is positioned in such a way that it won’t damage your suit, lycra or skin.
  • Soft Neoprene Edges: For a soft feel and great traction for a soft feel both on bare skin or a wetsuit.
  • Kite Spreader bar with protector cover
  • 3D Thermo Molded Foam Interior and Exterior: By using the process of thermo molding Mystic are able to add characteristics we needed for comfort and looks.
  • Quick release Clicker bar: 100% Safe and Easy to Use. Mystic's patent pending Clicker Bar is super safe and so easy to use, you can get out on the water even faster. Just as the seat belt in your car, you can hear the loud click, which gives you the confidence that it is secure.

Harness does not come with hook knife