product 1172-Mystic Crossfire 4/3 Longarm Shorty 2010

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Mystic Crossfire 4/3 Longarm Shorty 2010

The 2010 Mystic Crossfire series has the best kitesurfing wetsuits we have used so far. The materials are very flexible, it fits like a glove, and it carries more technical details than any other wetsuit out there.

The Mystic Crossfire 4/3 Longarm shorty is a unique shorty. While the legs are short, the arms cover you for those morning chilly sessions, or sunset rides. It has 4mm on the chest and back, so you never feel cold, but at the same time it works really well for the warm temperatures.

The Mystic Crossfire 4/3 Longarm Shorty is a summer suit, for the locations where a little extra warmth is useful, or just sun protection on the upper body. Together with the 2010 Mystic Crossfire 4/3 Longarm - 3/4 leg, and the 2010 Mystic Crossfire 3/2 Shorty these are some of the coolest and useful shorties to have.

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About Mystic Crossfire 4/3 Longarm Shorty 2010 by Mystic

  • TRI/AIR Span neoprene
  • Glued & blindstitched seams 
  • Glide skin neck
  • Key pocket
  • Metalite cuffs

Each year the Mystic Crossfire Steamer becomes the favorite kitesurfing and windsurfing specific wetsuit for colder water. This year is no exception. Designed for water warriors who don't want to compromise mobility, warmth and comfort which they ride in mild/warm temperature water and wind conditions.