product 3587-Mystic Diva Fullsuit 3/2 Bzip Women Navy, 2018

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Mystic Diva Fullsuit 3/2 Bzip Women Navy, 2018
This year’s Diva wetsuit makes the ladies truly shine like a diamond. The Diva has a back-zip construction with an overhead backup system to prevent water from coming into the suit. The patterns of the Diva suits have been renewed to maximize the stretch and comfort of the suit. The Diva wetsuits are made of a 100% M-Flex 2.0 neoprene, the most flexible neoprene in our range. The waterproof stretch taping avoids leaking and keeps the suit flexible and warm. Furthermore, polar lining gives a soft feel and reflects body heat, making sure you will stay warm longer.


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About Mystic Diva Fullsuit 3/2 Bzip Women Navy, 2018 by Mystic
  • GBS (Glued Blind Stitched)
  • Waterproof stretch taping inside
  • Glideskin thin neck construction
  • 4-way stretch kneepads
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Non slip cuffs
  • Lining saver
  • Overhead backup
  • Key pocket
  • Aquaflush
  • Back-zip

  • Polar lining on chest & back
  • M-Flex 2.0 (100%)