product 356-Mystic Dragon Shield 2007 Womens Waist Harness

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Mystic Dragon Shield 2007 Womens Waist Harness

The Dragon Shield is one of the most comfortable harnesses specific to kiteboarding. Tons of support cushy padding and technical features such as Spreader down system for never riding-up experience, Kinetic back and much more. This is one of our best selling harnesses.


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About Mystic Dragon Shield 2007 Womens Waist Harness by Mystic
  • Spreader Down System 'Waist'
  • Kinetic back support
  • Relax edge technology
  • Internal force frame
  • Triple padding construction
  • Neoprene belt
  • 3D contoured inside
  • Double power leash ring
  • Safety knife
  • Kite spreader bar
  • Integrated handle