product 3622-Mystic Foil Impact Vest, 2018

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Mystic Foil Impact Vest, 2018
The Mystic Foil Kite Impact Vest is designed to combined with a waist harness or a seat harness, specifically designed with foilers in mind. Mystic uses NBR Foam – Nitrile Butadiene Rubber which has a very high impact absorption, has low to no water absorption and performs well in high and low temperatures. Their super stretchy M-Flex Neoprene allows for easy entry and removal and really stays snug while feeling secure and comfortable on the body. Protection is positioned on chest, back and sides of the ribcage.

This Impact vest is not a life jacket.
Please note: this is not a floatation device / buoyancy aid


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About Mystic Foil Impact Vest, 2018 by Mystic
Please note: this is not a floatation device / buoyancy aid
  • NBR foam
  • Non padded lower part for harness attachment
  • Non-slip harness position print
  • Overhead instep
  • Zipper puller


  • M-Flex neoprene
  • NBR foam
  • Clash foam