product 3251-Prolimit Pure Girl Fire-X DL Zodiac 5/3 Women, 2017

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Prolimit Pure Girl Fire-X DL Zodiac 5/3 Women, 2017
The Fire 5/3 is a progressive women’s wetsuit. Air flex 500 and Glued and blind stitched for comfort and durability. Vertical backzip for easy access with overhead waterblock for less water entry and more warmth. To conquer cold conditions we have our zodiac lining inside from knee up to shoulders.



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About Prolimit Pure Girl Fire-X DL Zodiac 5/3 Women, 2017 by Prolimit
Glued Blindstitched

Triple glued panels are stitched together with a special stitching method.
Partially puncturing the neoprene to keep the water tightness of the seam/
wetsuit. Each thread is protected by a tape at the end. Our perfect finish
makes our glued and blind stitched wetsuit undestroyable!

Airflex 500
Zodiac Lining
Vertical-YKK Backzip
Waterblock Collar
Fitted Collar
Key Pocket