product 3410-RRD Addiction 2011 13m MKII  - Kite Only

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RRD Addiction 2011 13m MKII - Kite Only

RRD’s Addiction kite has a relatively open LE arch and is based on a D-shape kite. Consequently it is perfectly suite for the rider who wants a lot of power and tremendous amounts of lift. If we were to compare the Addiction kite to something we would have to compare it to a racing car with endless amounts of power under the hood.

The fact that the Addiction has tons of power is great. What’s even greater is that the kite offers a very smooth ride. As RRD explained, when you release the bad and sheet out the power, you will feel like, and I quote, “riding on butter.”

RRD’s tagline for the Addiction kite is “endless power, smooth control.”

$1,230.95 $500.00


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