product 950-RRD Obsession MK II 2010 - 5m, 10.5m - 50% off

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RRD Obsession MK II 2010 - 5m, 10.5m - 50% off

RRD OBSESSION 2010 - "An Adrenaline Shot"
After the tremendous success of the 2009 RRD Obsession kites, RRD has just released the 2010 version of its top selling kite.
Ideal for all levels and styles, the RRD Obsession 2010 is the only kite that we can comfortably recommend to anyone, from beginner, to advanced freestyler, course racer and wave rider.

Here is what RRDs international team rider Shawn Richman said about the Obsession 2010:
"I was totally amazed when I first flew the RRD Obsession. It was not
only super stable and safe but it was super responsive and quick. It
has the best combination of characteristics of any kite that I have
flown. I would not hesitate giving my own personal kite to a brand new
beginner to fly. I feel confident in the kites safety while at the
same time I know it will perform up to my standards. It is super
responsive, very powerful, and has an awesome kite-loop. I am so
excited to get these kites in peoples hands so that they can
experience what I ride everyday!"

$729.95 $364.98

Bar / Lines System:
Kite Sizes:

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About RRD Obsession MK II 2010 - 5m, 10.5m - 50% off by RRD

The RRD Obsession 2010 is the only SLE kite in our line. Solid proven performance. Solid Power, "silly" manouverabilty, perfect to ride unhooked, hooked, waves, and pretty much any style.

The Obsession 2010 is based on the fantastic success of the 2009 model with a revised shape, tips width and profile and outline design. The result is an even more stable kite, faster in the big sizes and slower in the small ones, with and incredible amount of power and easiness to ride "unhooked". The new trendsetter in speed and progressive smooth power in all areas of the flying window. Perfect for kiteloops and power moves, great for every serious kiteboarder.

A reference in the market today.


  • Stability
  • More Low end Power
  • Progressive de-power
  • Medium/light Bar Pressure
  • Unbeatable turning speed (fast and stable - amazing!)


  • New SPS system with a new designed inflating valve
  • Insignia double tape leech
  • PVC round label strut end protectors
  • Metallic PU strut end reinforcements
  • DP 175 LL Dacron
  • Tejin T9600 Canopy
  • New moulded struts protectors
  • New PVC inflating valves protectors

Sizes: 5 - 10.5m

Currently available with Global Bar 2010 v2 or you can upgrade to the 2011 Global Bar v3 (see bar options).