product 1553-RRD Obsession PRO MKIV 2013 Kite Only - 6m - 30% off

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RRD Obsession PRO MKIV 2013 Kite Only - 6m - 30% off


It was about time that you come up with a new 4 line C shape kite! How many times we have heard this sentence until today. Now everyone is fully served. We have come up with a completely brand new design that will re-define the word "C-shape" freestyle kite. Easy, fast, stable and just what you want to ride with a full hardcore style: FULL POWER!!!!!!

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About RRD Obsession PRO MKIV 2013 Kite Only - 6m - 30% off by RRD


Program: Freestyle Pro


  • Inovative C-Shape Profile
  • Four Line Attachment
  • Attachment with 5th Line
  • Global Bar Freestyle Setting
  • Neutral Pull on Kite Loops
  • Moderate Bar Pressure
  • Critical Areas Reinforcements


  • Leading Edge Parallel seams for maximum strength and lower stretching
  • Full Dacron leech and wingtips
  • PVC round label strut end protectors
  • Metallic PU strut end reinforcements
  • DP 175 LL Dacronand Kevlar reinforcement on each Leading Edge seam
  • Tejin T9600 Canopy
  • Struts are stitched directly on Dacron panels
  • One pump system
  • PVC inflating calces protectors with elastic security leash
  • Moulded strut protector

Sizes: 5 - 6 - 7 - 9 - 10.5 - 12 - 13.5 - 15m.


  • Black/Red
  • White/Cyan
  • Black/Yellow 

RRD is the synonym for performance in the world of kiteboarding. Their team of highly skilled professionals makes no compromise when it crafts kiteboarding gear and is always looking to improve the riding experience of all kiteboarders out there. The new 2012 Obsession Pro is a new generation type of kite, built on an innovative C-shape platform and dedicated to advanced and expert freestylers. It has a continuous power delivery, it is fast and performs outstanding when unhooked. The Obsession Pro is the perfect weapon for spectacular tricks and world class competitions.

If you are a dedicated freestyler and love technical maneuvers, than you are probably familiar with the RRD Obsession. The Obsession kite is the perfect machine for unhooked tricks, kite loops and huge jumps. In 2012 the RRD team continues the Obsession legacy with the release of the new Obsession Pro. The Obsession Pro borrows a few features from its younger brother, but it is crafted using a new technology and designed using a new C-Shape platform.

The full C-shape and aerodynamic outline makes the RRD Obsession Pro perfect for hardcore freestyle. The kite features a four line attachment system with a fifth line which makes it stable and easy to operate. RRD has implemented the Neutral pull on kite loops technology which prevents the kite from losing power and speed when performing loop and keeps the rider in total control.

The Global Freestyle Bar setting allows the rider to tune the bar pressure to moderate and have a direct feel at all times. The kite develops awesome power and it is incredible fast, yet it is easy to control and handle. It feels very steady in all wind conditions and assures a comfortable flight. RRD has constructed the Obsession Pro using top quality fabrics and according to the highest performance standards. The canopy is built from Teijin T9600 fabrics and features DP 175 LL Dacron reinforcements. The struts have PVC protectors and metallic PU reinforcements. The LE parallel seams provide stretch durability and improved strength.

The construction may be bullet proof, but the kite is light and feels very responsive and agile from the first moment it is set in the air. If you love hardcore freestyle, than the RRD Obsession Pro is the perfect kite for you and nothing can compare with the thrill it offers out on the waves. The kite can be purchased together with Global Bar, lines, pump and bag.

Available with the 2013 RRD Global Pro Bar.

 The new Global Bar is composed of 5 pieces:

  • 2 x New side dual density endcaps with soft ends, for easy line rolling and a new quick trim to adjust the bar length
  • 2 x narrower diameter carbon bar tubes to improve grop potential and reduce hand fatigue
  • 1 x middle aluminum cast and polished integrated piece for de[power rope movement.


A great innovation in terms of safety by keeping the de-power rope clean and protected. Both the de-power rope and the safety line are running inside a dual chamber tube that hides these two basic lines. No more tangling around, it's all clean and safe! 


In order to avoid the problem of having the excess of the de-power trim rope hang- ing around, and possibly going to distrub you while kiting, we have added an elastic bungee inside the spectra rope that allows you to reduce the excess rope and shorten it until 50% of the stretched lentgh. Same functionality, no rope on yoru way!


A completely new design for this moulded chicken loop part. Ergonomically conceived, it is compact and complete of all features, clean and precise. Very easy to be released and remounted with one hand.


An exclusive product developed and manufactured in Italy exclusively for RRD. This new revolutionary lines are made with: an inner uninterrupted unidirectional pure dyneema fibers, covered by a pure dyneema 30° woven fabrics. The combination of these two styles of weaving the fabrics allow to obtain an unmatched low stretch factor of the lines reduced by 85% compared to the classic flying lines. The Rigid Thread lines allow the kite to be faster in the turns, to quicker transfer the power of the kite to the board resulting in more response and better handling of the kite in any conditions. The reduced stretching factor of these lines will allow a perfect trim of your kite in the time without the need to re-adjust your front lines! No stretch, better kiteboarding!