product 2491-RRD Poison LTD 140 x 42 Kiteboard 2013

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RRD Poison LTD 140 x 42 Kiteboard 2013

Energy Is The Word!

The Poison version 2 is an improvement of the world famous Poison, a huge seller over the years, now a classic reference point in the freestyle twintip market. The longer waterline of the board averages 140 cm of length instead of 132 cms of the previous version.

The increased length massively helps to improve clean landings and also creates a softer, easier to ride feel. The thickness of the Poison V2 is being kept at 8 mm in the middle keeping it s the thinnest board in the market.

The torsion box deck design of the Poison V2 is moved forward towards the tips, allowing a more continuous flex on the tip area and stopping any unwanted twist. This is a very forgiving, easy freestyle twintip. 

Size (cms) 42x140
Fin 4 x FLOW 5G-10
Straps Screwit System V2 + Assy Strap V2

$949.95 $399.00


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About RRD Poison LTD 140 x 42 Kiteboard 2013 by RRD

Technical Features: 

  • CNC Wood Core

  • Biaxial glass top and bottom

  • Custom made hand polished deck finish.

RRD - Poison V2 from RRD International on Vimeo.