product 696-Sawyer Paddles and Oars Bonzai - Zephyr

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Sawyer Paddles and Oars Bonzai - Zephyr

The best value on the SUP market. Amazing construction of gorgeous wood and hi performing carbon.
The Banzai series of Stand Up Paddles (SUP) blend the flex, strength and beauty of wood and the added support of composites.  A laminated Ponderosa core shaft reinforced with a braided carbon sleeve. The Banzai’s blades are constructed of laminated Western Red Cedar reinforced with fiberglass, carbon
and a Dynel™ Tough Edge™.  An 11° bend improves efficiency of your stroke and an adjustable shaft allows the user to cut and grip the shaft to the desired length.

These paddles come uncut at 3 different heights. 80", 84", 88" If you need them precut and glued at a certain height please let us know so we can arrange it for you - some delays might apply.



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About Sawyer Paddles and Oars Bonzai - Zephyr by Sawyer Paddles and Oars

All of our Banzai SUPs come standard with a thumb notched hot-dog grip. Other grips are available upon request.  Whether you’re dropping into your favorite
wave, cruising the flats or standing in your canoe, the Sawyer Banzai is a great companion!

This  semi teardrop shaped blade has proven itself as a canoe marathon paddle.  Slightly narrower and longer than the Ellipse, the Banzai Zephyr delivers plenty of power while still remaining efficient for a rapid stroke cadence.