Utility construction - Parking affected

Posted by Live 2 Kite on

Hey everyone! Just a heads up, the city is doing some utility work on our street until about August. This might affect access to our shop and/or the ability to park. We assure you though, we will remain open while this goes on. 

If Industrial Way is closed off, you can see if you can get access via Rich St, just one block south. If that's inaccessible as well, there's parking on Redwood Hwy and additional parking in the Trader Joes Parking lot. 

If you choose to drive down Industrial way, be mindful of construction vehicles and beware, the workers move their vehicles around frequently, parking on the street even if available could lead to you getting blocked by a utility vehicle. 

We've attached a few visual aids to get you to us safely. Give us a call or hit that chat window on the lower right if you have any questions. 



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