Harness Technology Gets an Upgrade

Posted by Oz B on

Heads up everyone! We don’t get fancy new tech things in the kite world that often, so we’re excited to announce that we’ve received the new Mystic Stealth Bar.

Gone is the hard, cold, heavy metal bar. It’s been replaced by a fiber-injected, 3D modeled bar that’s incredibly lightweight, slim and ergonomic.

The buckle system is a type we’ve never seen before. No pins, no buttons, instead you engage in a lever that cinches your straps tight. It’s easier on the fingers by a long shot, more comfortable on the hands after a long session that might have them a little sore.

This new spreader bar from Mystic comes in 2 styles, hooked and surf as well as different sizes to suit the rider’s frame.

We tried these on in the shop and we’re very impressed by how little it rides up. We have a line set up to a strong wall that we can hook into and really lean back and get a feel for a harness and bar. When you’re in the “Stimulator 3000” you can go into a low squat as if to simulate the upward pull of the kite and see how far the bar pad travels. If you’re nearby you’re welcome to stop in and check it out yourself.

 Mystic Stealth Bar


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