There's Nothing You Can't Foil

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If AXIS Foils has proven anything, its that there's nothing you can't foil!

With a strong reputation built in kitesurf foiling years ago, they've expanded their expertise to all sports, surf foiling, stand up paddle foiling, wake foil, pump foil, wind foil, and downwind foiling!

There's no conditions off-limits to you now. No wind? No problem, bring out your AXIS SUP or Surf Carbon Foil board, throw on your favorite mast, choose your wing for your conditions and now you're flying down waves, pumping to the next swell in an epic downwinder. These foils are also perfect for lakes, towed behind your boat wake!

The great thing about AXIS Foils is that their parts are more or less compatible across all sports. You can use your masts that you have from kitesurfing to SUP foil or surf foil with. Talk to us about what size wings is best for which activity.

Foil Sizing 101

In general, the more forward momentum that is provided for you, the smaller the wing you need. For example, kitesurfing uses small wings because the kite is pulling you forward, so the foil wing doesn't have to work as hard. SUP foiling, a majority of momentum is generated by how hard you paddle, or how big, power the waves/water is you're riding. To make it easier on you and the elements they make the wings bigger.

Small airplanes need small wings, big airplanes need big wings.

For masts, think about how hard it would be to stand on a 3' tall piece of 2x4 wood vs a 6" tall piece of 2x4. The longer the stick, the more room to wobble around. We generally learn on shorter masts (45cm or so) to sense how the boards feel under our feet and then progress to longer masts and feel the height difference.

The sport of foiling is growing and changing every day, so hit us up with any questions. The world is your oyster and we can make sure you're out there foiling it no matter what the conditions are.

We've expanded our menu on the left to include all the foil goodies. Its pretty extensive.



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