What are Wing Surfers?

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Foil Wings
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Ensis Wing Surf


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So, what is "wing surfing"?

Wing surfing is the sport of riding a foil board - or a standard SUP - while carrying a hand-held inflatable sail.


If you want to take your foiling (of any style) to the next level, you have to pick up a wing surfer!

What looks essentially like a LEI (leading edge inflatable) kite cut in half, with handles sew into the struts, you can glide wherever you want. No experience in windsurfing or kitesurfing is necessary. No hard booms, no 4-line kite messes, this sail is light weight and crazy maneuverable.

This wing isn't limited to just foiling, it can work with stand up paddle boards, windsurf boards and kiteboards. You only need about 12knots of wind and its actually better to not use these in crazy high winds.

The inventor of the Slingwing puts it this way:

The Slingwing by Slingshot is not designed to replace windsurfing or kitesurfing. You may not sail as fast, jump as high, or hit the lip as hard… However there is beauty in the simplicity…and enough potential in the performance and accessibility. The thrill to safety ration is really high. This makes it an absolute blast and a great addition/compliment/alternative to these awesome foiling sports. -Tony Logosz, Slingwing Inventor

Wing surfers are relatively safe compared to kitesurfing, and with a much easier learning curve. Check out our selection of fun in our Wing Surfer collection

Cabrinha Crosswing Wing Surfer

Cabrinha Crosswing Wing Surfer


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