AXIS Foils 2023 BSC 1120 Carbon Hydrofoil Wing

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The Broad Spectrum Carve (BSC) wings are a new direction into easy to ride wings, with good amount of performance embedded to the design. Perfect for all round riding including entry level riders. 
The larger sizes are ideal for PUMPING, SUP, WINGING, WAKE. As we go down on sizing, 890-810-740 are high performance PRONE, WINGING and KITE wings. 

The 1120 is the easiest wing for all levels, heavier riders and all rounders for WING, SUP, WAKE and PUMP. The 1120 lifts on the smallest bumps and lightest winds. This wing is a massive 1120mm span (44 inches) with over 2100 sq cm surface. A massive front wing, that will foil in the smallest conditions. You will be surprised by the butter smooth riding, good speed range, and great turning for the size. 

Ideal for big riders and beginners who learn in small conditions. 

As with every AXIS front wing, the graphics on the wings give you all possible measurements so you can best compare and also quickly swap pieces or get new accessories for your foil.

Compatible with the S-Series fuselage.

1120mm Carbon Wing

Technical Data:
WINGSPAN: 1120 mm / 44inches
MAX CHORD: 220mm / 8.6inches
ACTUAL AREA 2102 square cm / 326 square inches
PROJECTED AREA: 2007 square cm / 311 square inches
VOLUME: 3581 cubic cm / 219 cubic inches

Recommended use:
WING Surfing for all levels and the lightest conditions. Super easy to ride
Downwinding - for beginner downwinders and tiny bumps 
SUP / Surf - For very small surf and all levels. Ideal for bigger riders
Wake foiling - All levels - tiny wake
Pump foiling - All levels - Great for learning
Windsurf foiling - All levels - light winds
Kite foiling - Probably too big to kite with

Here is what the experts say:
The BSC series are incredibly easy wings to ride. Bigger sizes ideal for lighter days and bigger dudes. Smaller sizes more surfy and faster. Medium AR makes them a bit slower but still faster than last years all rounds.