AXIS Foils 2023 BSC 740 Carbon Hydrofoil Wing

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The Broad Spectrum Carve (BSC) wings are a new direction into easy to ride wings, with good amount of performance embedded to the design. Perfect for all round riding including entry level riders. The larger sizes are ideal for PUMPING, SUP, WINGING, WAKE. As we go down on sizing, 890-810-740 are high performance PRONE, SUP, WINGING and KITE wings. For the BSC boards we use a refined foil section, with broad speed range, and stability. This makes the BSC wings ideal for all levels of riders and conditions. The 890 / 810 / 740 sizes are designed for performance PRONE, SUP, WINGING and KITE foiling. These wings are stable, fast and turn on a dime. The 1120 and 1060 are the easiest wings for beginners and all rounders for WING, SUP, and WAKE, very early lift, butter smooth riding, good speed range, and great turning for their size. The 970 could be the all levels wing for all styles and levels of riding. The 890-810-740 are faster, more technical wings, designed for the skilled SUP, PRONE, WINGING riders who are looking for higher surf performance in a very easy to ride package.


AXIS BSC 740 Carbon Wing

Technical Data:

WINGSPAN: 740 mm / 29.13 inches

MAX CHORD: 140mm


ACTUAL AREA 883 square cm / 136.9 square inches

PROJECTED AREA:  844 square cm / 130.8 square inches

VOLUME: 757 cubic cm / 46 cubic inches

Recommended use:

High Speed, High Performance riding. Bigger waves prone, tow, and all round kiting. 

Rear Wing Options:

  • 500mm Carbon for max control, stability and slower ride (entry levels)
  • 460mm Carbon for high speed and loose turning (advanced)
  • 420mm Carbon for the ultimate performance (speed and turning - intermediate +). One of our favorite rear wings for fast riding and carving. 
  • 440mm Carbon for control and stability (all levels)
  • 400mm Carbon for looser feel and carvy turns while still maintaining good amount of control (Intermediate)
  • 390mm Carbon for Wing and Surf with good turning control and additional glide
  • 370mm Carbon for loose feel and fast turning, with less stability (intermediate). The rear wing that does it all
  • 340mm Carbon for even looser feel and even less drag and more speed. (advanced)
  • 500mm Anhedral Carbon specific to windsurf foiling

When you purchase the AXIS 740mm carbon front wing we include an AXIS padded cover with zipper, in heather gray, and AXIS branding, for safer setup, transportation and storage. 


What screws to mount wing to the fuselage -

BSC Wing Front Screws Middle Screw Rear Screw
1120mm x 220mm M8 x 20mm M8 x 20mm M8 x 20mm
1060mm x 200mm M8 x 20mm M8 x 20mm M8 x 20mm
970mm x a190mm M8 x 20mm M8 x 20mm M8 x 20mm
890mm x 170mm M6 x 18mm M8 x 20mm M8 x 20mm
810mm x 155mm M6 x 14mm M8 x 20mm M8 x 20mm
740mm x 140mm M6 x 14mm M8 x 20mm M8 x 20mm