Axis Foils Tray v4 Carbon Foilboard 96

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The TRAY carbon board has always been the ultimate kite foilboard. But our customers started using it for pumping, dock starting and foiling behind the board.  
So it was a natural progression of the iconic TRAY line, to get revamped with a brand new outline, bringing the widest point of the board further forward, while the tail got narrower. 
This way the board has a perfect balance under the feet, while the tail doesn’t catch during those hard carves. 
The Tray boards are still super thin (at 20mm thickness) and maintain the same reinforced carbon construction.
To spice up the looks of the board for 2024, we painted them with our signature AXIS red. Not having the board showing all the carbon, we have also improved its thermal properties, when left baking in the sun for hours (not recommended). The EVA pad covers the complete length of the board, so you can place your feet anywhere your stance requires. And multiple footstrap inserts make the TRAY boards very versatile for strapless or strapped riding. 
To sweeten the total package of the 2024 Tray boards, we've designed glove-fitting board bags that perfectly fit each Tray size and to protect your board from knocks and bumps in your car, boat or at the beach. The Tray board bags can also be used with the foil connected to the board.