Mystic 2011 Women's Hypnotize Kite Waist Harness

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Girls ride harder than the guys, they need to have the most technical gear available. Ultimate support, features, but also good looks make the Mystic Women package the ideal collection for PKRA world champion Bruna Kajiva and many other top riders around the world.

The 2011 Mystic Women Hypnotize Kite Waist Harness borrows the top end technology and design from the men's models WHILE it gets adopted to women body, following the curves and ads softness and padding where needed!
Hold Down strap so the spreader bar won't ride up, and extra padding on the hips for plush and comfortable feel!

Neoprene super comfortable Interior and Exterior
Double Power Leash Ring
Spreader Down System
Flex Edge
Kite Spreader
Spreader Protector
Battle Belt Waist Closure

*Knife not included