Prolimit 2019 Type-T Barloc Windsurf Harness

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Iconic high-flex harness. The molded Type-T waist harness is a favorite of many including our team! It’s a comfortable and flexible waist harness with tons of support. The neoprene softedge bridges the gap between a low side profile structure and high back profile support outline. This makes it perfect for long sessions and high contortions. This model is fitted with our new BAR-LOC integrated bar system which is snag free and stable with no buckle attachment. The interlocking bar a mounting ladder allows for a super stable spreader bar and no external flapping straps.

• Heat molded 3D shaped.

• Internal neoprene high grip belt

• PURE material outside construction

• High power optimized outline profile

• Patented pin-release PLT bar system

• Molded EVA inside skin

• Internal load plate Mark V

• MPL belt construction

Small 30-32
Medium 32-34
Large 34-36